Lunch & Learn Events

We typically schedule a few lunchtime guest speakers to cover topics of interest and importance to anyone joining the JDE ecosystem. Here are a few representative presentations we’ve had for past JDE101 classes:

The Cloud — Look, Up In The Sky! It’s JDE!
Cloud computing is a top priority with today’s modern companies. We will discuss cloud terminology, strategies, practical uses of cloud, and how executives determine direction for their organization when on premise solutions are also a component of the ERP solution. Other topics presented, include: best practices, economic expectations, and today’s buyer expectations for cloud.



Digital Transformation
JDE features the use of advanced technologies that help businesses transform themselves into digital powerhouses. Digital Transformation includes: Mobile Apps, IoT (Internet of Things), and Wearables.  Learn how JDE utilizes these technologies to help customers stay relevant and solve their business problems.


Organizational Change Management Basics
There are two parts to every successful JDE implementation: good software design, and strong guidance through the ‘people change’ process.   This change guidance, is known as Organizational Change Management (OCM).

In this session, you will learn how people make a transformational change, and what role you play in that process.

The JDE Job Market
JDE101 students will have the opportunity to hear from JDE clients and consulting partners about the JDE job market.  We’ll answer basic questions such as “What types of jobs are available to JDE101 graduates?”, “What is the career path into the future?”, and “What proactive steps can we take to ensure success in finding and keeping a great job?”