Profiles of 2015 Students

Want to hire one of the JDE101 graduates?  These students from our 2015 course are very qualified for entry level JDE business analyst and application consultant positions.  Each JDE101 graduate completed an intense two week course on JDE Financials and Distribution in August, 2015.

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Brian will be a senior at Colorado State University, due to graduate in Spring, 2017. Brian majors in Business and Computer Information Systems.  He grew up in a JDE family, his Dad has been a JDE application consultant for over 25 years.  His reference, another JDE consultant, states:  “I’ve known Brian for 10 years, and it’s been a joy watching him mature into the young man he is today. He has remarkable work ethic–he has worked his way through high school and now college. He has always been focused on his schoolwork and will be a perfect candidate for this course. My hope is that this will blossom into a career with the JDE software I know and love.”

Brian is looking for an internship with a JDE client or consulting company located in Fort Collins, Boulder, or Denver.

Brijesh hails from Columbus, Ohio.  He combines a love of technology with an eclectic background which has led him to the starting line of a career with JD Edwards software.  In addition to an MBA from Franklin University, Brijesh has owned a cross-platform hardware and systems administration business, worked extensively in hospital administration, and has served his country in the United States Air Force.

Brijesh says: “I believe my professional experience and education make me an ideal candidate for the JDE101 program. This program presents an excellent opportunity for me to leverage my passion for technology into a fulfilling and rewarding career as a business analyst or application consultant.”

Brijesh is willing to relocate for the right position.

Danny is a 2012 graduate of Colorado Technical University, where he majored in Information Systems.  Danny’s transcript reveals his interest and skill as a developer–he’s taken multiple courses in C#, C++, SQL, Unix, and computer networking.  His reference, a longtime JD Edwards employee, states that Danny is “very bright and a nice young man.  He is very technical and I think he would do well in an IT role.  He graduated with a 3.9 and is a good problem solver.”  Danny believes that learning the basics of JDE Financials and Distribution will serve him well when he reaches his goal of becoming an entry-level JDE developer.

Danny lives in Denver, and is willing to relocate.

Denise is an APICS certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) with a proven track record in devising solutions, reducing cost and improving processes. She has designed and managed the entire supply chain from sourcing, inventory management, transportation and logistics, to distribution. Denise is an experienced strategic contract and pricing negotiator with proven result of cost saving, value creation and risk mitigation.  Her former manager states:  “Denise is very thorough, and has tremendous attention to detail. She brought to us significant cost reductions without any residual impact.  She constantly sought out process improvements, and implemented changes seamlessly.  Because of her diverse skill set and general business insight, Denise was asked to be on the core leadership group responsible for upgrading our ERP system. She excelled in this role as well.

Denise says, “I hope to add value to my clients’ businesses by helping them solve supply chain problems.  I researched various ERP solutions and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne is very strong and flexible in supply chain management.  That is the reason I want to get into JDE.”

Denise is available and is open to staying in the Denver area, but would also like to relocate to the Bellevue/Seattle, Washington area.

Leslie has an MS in Information Systems from the University of Colorado Denver Business School.  She has fifteen years experience as a developer and implementer of airline pricing systems.

Leslie is seeking a new challenge where she can use her business and information systems experience.  She is looking forward to starting a career in ERP software with JDE.

A former coworker stated, “Leslie has been a successful IT Professional for many years. She is adaptable and takes initiative to learn new things which makes this program perfect for her to update her skills for this exciting opportunity.”

Leslie is available and prefers the Denver area, but is also willing to consider relocation.

Reza graduated as the Valedictorian at his MS program in Information Systems from California Lutheran University.  Reza currently works for an Epicor client, so we are very happy to welcome him into the JDE family.  Reza’s forte is manufacturing, with an extensive background in production control, data management, scheduling, procurement, shop floor, inventory, and distribution. Reza’s reference is a longtime JDE consultant, who says:  “Reza is extremely intelligent, and great guy overall.  If he is admitted to the JDE101 course I believe he would be unstoppable.”

Reza is available, prefers to stay in Southern California, and is also open to relocating.


Sarada has an MS in Computer Science from Osmania University in Hyderabad, India.  She has five years of QA experience, and has worked with a number of test tools such as Win Runner, Load Runner, and Rational Robot.

Sarada is not just a technician, she is also an excellent thinker and communicator, as reflected by this comment from one of her professors:  “Sarada is an analytical as well as a creative thinker and a brilliant communicator. She routinely exhibited her intellectual curiosity and a genuine love of analyzing subject matter. Sarada is advanced not only in her critical thinking skills, but also in her exemplary writing abilities. She supports her arguments with impeccable logic and effective evidence.  Sarada sets high personal standards for herself, both personally and academically, and she is driven to pursue excellence in all her endeavors.

Sarada reflects on how she arrived to JDE101:  “At first, I was inclined to the developer side because I have done projects in C, C++, and JAVA, but then, I realized that clients need employees with a strong business foundation and I was fascinated by how ERP can integrate an entire company’s business processes.  I found JDE101 on the web, called Andy, and so began the first step of this journey.  I feel my technical expertise plus the strong foundation from JDE101 training will help me become a valuable contributor as I enter the JDE ecosystem.”

Sarada is available, prefers the Mid-Atlantic region of the US, and is open to relocation to other parts of the US.

The following August 2015 students have accepted positions with partners and clients in the JDE ecosystem:

David is a Masters Degree candidate in Information Systems with a specialization in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics at the University of Colorado Denver Business School and is on-track to graduate in May of 2016. David’s undergraduate degree is in investment finance and real estate from the Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina.  He worked for 6 years in financial sales and technical marketing positions but realized his passion is in analytical problem solving using emerging technologies.  With the technical skills he has picked up in industry and his Master’s program, he hopes to apply his business knowledge to IT consulting focusing on business system analysis and/or business intelligence analysis.  David is also interested in working in a Pre-Sales consulting role.

David has particular interests in financial modeling, CRM and supply chain applications and their successful integration in ERP solutions.  The MIS Department Chair at CU Denver states:  “He is very intelligent, technically competent, and above all a very nice person to work with. I highly support his application. I have no doubt that he would be an exceptional student in the JDE certificate program as he has been in our MS in IS program.” David eagerly looks forward to helping JDE clients.

Diana is a senior at the University of Colorado Denver School of Business, majoring in Accounting.  One of Diana’s accounting professors writes:  “I found Diana to be a serious and engaged student who consistently demonstrated an eagerness to expand her knowledge and explore complex topics.  Without reservation, I recommend Diana for JDE101 and believe she will do well in the program.”  Diana feels that JDE101 will give her the opportunity to apply her advanced accounting knowledge to the real world, and afford her greater job opportunities as a business analyst.


John graduated from East Carolina University’s College of Business, in December 2016, majoring in MIS, with a GPA of 3.7. He is eager to get started on his JDE career as a consultant or business analyst.  Prior to returning to school, John served in the US Navy for 6 years, and had a 14 year career in the hospitality industry.

One of John’s professors wrote, in a letter of recommendation, that “…even more than his intelligence and analytical skills, the aspects that set John apart are attitudinal.  He is ambitious, organized, and very detail oriented, with a superb work ethic.”


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