FIN101 – Basic Financials – 4 days

Every ERP solution starts with modules that cover the need for accurate and timely financial information, and that’s where JDE101 begins.

This four day course allows students to gain a clear understanding of the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable modules in JD Edwards. Using hands-on practice exercises, we will walk you through the financial processes a typical company will use during an ordinary month and prepare you for real-world challenges in Financials.

General Ledger

Hands-on exercises give you experience using all the major features within General Ledger related to your company’s day-to-day Financial activities:

  • Company Setup
  • Changing the Period/Year
  • Understanding Financial User Defined Codes (UDC’s)
  • Business Unit Setup
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Journal Entry Creation
  • Changing/Deleting an Unposted Journal Entry
  • Reviewing & Posting Journal Entries
  • Changing a Posted Journal Entry
  • Voiding Journal Entries
  • Allocations
  • Budgets
  • Inquiries & Reports
  • Closing a Year

Accounts Receivable

From the basics of entering invoices to recording payments and dealing with credit and collection issues, this section will enrich your overall understanding of the integration of the financial modules and give you experience in each of the following:

  • A/R Constants
  • Understanding Category Codes
  • Invoice Creation
  • Changing/Deleting an Unposted Invoice
  • Reviewing & Posting Invoices
  • Changing a Posted Invoice
  • Voiding an Invoice
  • Creating Receipts
  • Modifying a Receipt
  • Voiding a Receipt
  • Reviewing the Customer Ledger
  • Delinquency Notice Setup and Processing
  • Running Statements
  • Generating Reimbursements
  • A/R – A/P Netting
  • Inquiries & Reports
  • Year-End Considerations

Accounts Payable:

Learn the basics of Accounts Payable, from vouchers to budgeting and reporting, and gain confidence in handling these functions for your own company:

  • A/P Constants
  • Understanding Category Codes
  • Special Handling Codes
  • Voucher creation
  • Changing/Deleting an Unposted Voucher
  • Reviewing & Posting Vouchers
  • Changing a Posted Voucher
  • Voiding a Voucher
  • Creating Payments
  • Modifying a Payment
  • Voiding a Check
  • Reviewing the Supplier Ledger
  • 1099 Processing
  • Inquiries & Reports
  • Year-End Considerations