What types of Universities & Colleges would make a good host site for JDE101?

We’re looking for 4-year Universities & Colleges where the School of Business has an IT specialization, and where they are open to creating a new JD Edwards Certificate program.  Please contact us at if you can connect us with a potential site.

Who is eligible to attend?

Current students (degree seeking or non degree seeking) of the host university or college are eligible to attend.

Will students get academic credit?  Will they get a certificate?

We anticipate students would receive independent study credit for the JDE101 program through their school.  A certificate of completion will be issued by JDE101, and students who pass the JDE101 certification exam will receive a JDE101 certificate.  In addition, the host college or university may choose to issue its own certificate.

Is JDE101 limited to the United States?

We hope to expand internationally in 2016.  Plans are already underway to translate the training manuals to Spanish.

What is the instructional model?  Will JDE101 provide instructors?  

Qualified and experienced JD Edwards consultants will teach two weeks of onsite classes, eight hours per day, using training manuals donated by JDEtips.  We’ll be using a very recent release of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, hosted by Smartbridge.  Access to eLearning self-study modules is also included, provided by iLearnERP.  The initial curriculum will focus on the JDE Financials and Distribution suites.

We have new employees–can they sign up for the program?

Sorry, but no.  The goal of JDE101 is to bring ‘net new’ students and recent graduates into the JDE ecosystem, not to train people that are already employed by JDE clients and consulting firms.  There are commercially available options for training employees.  Contact for more information.

Who is paying for JDE101?

JDE101 is a non-profit organization, with initial volunteer staffing. However, there will be some overhead expenses for paying honorariums to instructors, instructor travel, creating the certification exam, updating the website, bookkeeping, etc.  Fundraising is under way, and those companies (and individuals) who wish to donate funds will be deeply appreciated (and rewarded)!  Please contact  for more details on donations, tax deductibility, and the benefits of donating.

What about Oracle?  Are they being asked to donate to JDE101?

Absolutely! We realize that Oracle will be a major beneficiary of the program, and Kem Butler, who is Chief of Staff for Oracle JD Edwards Vice President Lyle Ekdahl is on our Board of Directors. Our goal is to independently raise a significant amount of money before we ask Oracle for a major donation, in order to demonstrate the marketplace appeal for JDE101.

I’d like to volunteer my time to help JDE101.  What kind of help do you need?  

  • Teaching classes
  • Writing training materials
  • Writing (and testing) certification exams
  • Graphic Design for brochures and flyers
  • Finding and connecting with Universities & Colleges that could be host sites for the program

We’re sure there are lots more ways you can help.  If you are interested in being a volunteer, please write to us at .  Please include a summary of your background and some ideas on how you feel you can best help us.  Thank you!

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