JDE Partners

JDE Business Partner consulting firms are critical to the success of JDE101.

Business Partners are represented on the Board of Directors.

We need your help to ensure the success of our first summer of JDE101 courses.

Those of you who have strong relationships with local colleges and universities can help by assisting our staff in recruiting those schools as host locations for the program.

Donations of in-kind services to JDE101 are another way to participate. Smartbridge, for example, is donating a hosted (and supported) training environment for the courses.

Financial support in the form of sponsorship of a local program is another way to show your support of JDE101.

Business Partners involved with JDE101 will have first rights to contact graduates of the program and recruit them to fill positions on their JDE team.

An additional benefit for JDE101 Business Partners includes the positive public relations stemming from frequent mentions in JDE101 communications with our extensive network of JDE clients.

To become a JDE101 Business Partner, contact: .