JDE Clients

The ultimate goal of JDE101 is to provide JDE clients (and business partners) with qualified candidates for internships and entry-level JDE related positions. In 2015 we are focused on application training for business analyst and help desk positions. In 2016 we hope to expand to offer a Developer track.

We need your help to ensure the success of our first summer of JDE101 in Denver, CO. If you know of any college students or recent (last 12 months) grads who would be interested in a JDE career, please let them know about the program. The best place for them to start is our FAQ page.

We are presently designing a JDE Client sponsor program. Clients involved with JDE101 will have first rights to contact graduates of the program and recruit them to fill positions on their JDE team.

To become a JDE101 Client Partner, contact: .